About Us

The story of Brunmontagne started in 2018, with it’s owner and founder Pascal Bruinenberg. The name of Brunmontagne is related to the surname of Pascal. It had to be something which really relates to the story.

Pascal, a 31 year old Sales Representative, is an enthusiastic collector of mechanical watches and started with a search for a new addition for my personal collection. After looking for the ideal piece for months, he decided to go for a complete new approach, designing his own watch!

Now the challenge was, how do you actually start with such an adventure if you have no experience what so ever?! The answer: just start! After numerous attempts with drawings, he came to the conclusion this was no talent his, so he went back to something he was actually capable of, drawing in Paint! The design was finished and now the real adventure could start.. Bringing this design to live!

In his daily live he works as a sales representative for a Telecom Business and this yielded him with precious contacts to make this dream come true. It took months of designing, months of planning, months of listening to the opinions and suggestions of friends, relatives and customers.. But the final design was actually finished! Not just one watch, but four!

This is where the true story of Brunmontagne began. While sharing the story and design with other watch enthusiasts, the most heard question was: where can I buy my own Brunmontagne?

This is where Brunmontagne is looking for fellow adventurers. The samples have been produced and have been reviewed by many watch enthusiasts and professionals and the universal reactions are the same, great looking quality watch with great value for money with a truly unique design.