Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to any offer of Brunmontagne. By placing an order at Brunmontagne you agree on these Terms and Conditions.

Article 1. Definitions The following word, have the following meanings when written with a capital:

1.1 Terms: these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Services: the services Brunmontagne provides in relation to physical products or services related to these products.

1.3 Consumer: the natural person, not acting on behalf of a company or profession.

1.4 Brunmontagne: Brunmontagne is a sole proprietorship established at the Binnendyk 79, Rottum and registered by the Chamber of Commerce under number 7344131.

1.5 Website: the website of Brunmontagne, at Brunmontagne.nl and Brunmontagne.com including all subdomains.

Article 2. Applicability

2.1 These Terms are applicable to all offers and agreements in relation to the Website, social media or any other distant contract between a Consumer and Brunmontagne.

2.2 In case of deviations of these Conditions are only binding as these have been agreed in writing,

Article 3. Order and registration procedure

3.1 In order to make use of the Services the Consumer has to go through the order-/registration procedure on the Website on which the information provided should be valid. Consumer is aware that (inadvertently) incorrect supplied information is at own risk.

3.2 Consumer is aware that exploiting data will be for own account and risk. Consumer is recommended to keep log-in credentials confidential. If Consumer issues Consumer log-in credentials to third parties, Consumer will be responsible for any consequences.

Article 4. Services

The Service of Brunmontagne consists of offering products and related services. The services are conducted through the ordering process on the Website.

Article 5. Warranty and cooling off period

5.1 The products offered by Brunmontagne come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

5.2 Consumer has the right to return any/all products purchased directly from the Website within 30 days of receiving the item. The procedure of returning the is further explained on the Website. The product(s) must be unused – in its original packaging with labels and protective stickers intact – and still in the same new condition as when the watch was received. The shipping costs are to be paid by the Consumer.

5.3 The cooling off period is not applicable for products which have been edited of adjusted specifically for the Customer, such as adding personal numbers or other engravings.

5.4 If the buyer has made a payment, Brunmontagne shall pay back this amount within 30 days after the repeal or after the return shipment.

5.5 The consumer is responsible for the accuracy of the information and data submitted, including the address and IBAN account number that are associated with the user account.

Article 6. Intellectual property

The information and images on the Website are the intellectual property of Brunmontagne. These materials may be used without separate permission from Brunmontagne, to the extent that the information is used to promote products relating to the Brunmontagne brand. In all other cases, prior written permission is required.,/p>

Article 7. Liability

7.1 Brunmontagne shall never be liable for the consequences of incorrect data entered by the consumer, including the indication of an incorrect address or IBAN account number.

7.2 In case of force majeure Brunmontagne is never to be called upon to make up for damage arose at Consumer. With force majeure is meant: internet disturbances, disturbances to telecommunications infrastructure, disturbances in the banking and payment systems, (distributed) denial of service attacks, power failures, domestic unrest, mobilization, war, blockage in the transport business, strikes, exclusion, disorders, fire and flood.

7.3 Files sent by the consumer are not allowed to contain viruses, rear doors, technical defects, other malicious routines or affect the operation of computers and servers.

Article 8. Pricing, invoices and payment

8.1 All prices mentioned are in Euro’s, including VAT and other levies imposed by the government.

8.2 Prices mentioned on the product pages of the Website do not include shipment costs.

8.3 Payment methods may be used as stated on the Website. In any case, any amounts due must be paid within 14 days after the beginning of the cooling-off period.

Article 9. Delivery

9.1 By ordering of physical products, the utmost punctuality will be put into practice.

9.2 Brunmontagne is responsible for the delivery of a proper product. After the time of delivery, the Consumer is responsible.

9.3 The indicated delivery times refer to an indication as far as it concerns products which are not in stock.

9.4 The legal ownership of the products, regardless of the actual delivery, will pass on to the Consumer after all the payments have been made.

Article 10. Personal data and security

The personal data relating to the consumer, affined with the privacy statement on the Website, are treated, processed and secured.

Article 11 Changes in Terms and Conditions

These Terms and conditions may be modified or supplemented.

Article 12. Law and forum

12.1. Dutch law is applicable.

12.2 Insofar not otherwise prescribed as mandatory by applicable national or international rules of law, any dispute between the parties shall in first instance be exclusively submitted to the competent court for the district in which the Consumer is established.

Latest change to these terms on February 13 2022.